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What are the Benefits of Skill India Training Courses?

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On 15th July 2015, the honourable Prime Minister of India revised different programs under National Policy on Skill Development 2009 and launched a new program named ‘Skill India.’ Through this new program, the government aims to tap into the educated unemployed human resource pool to boost the nation’s economic growth.

Completing the Skill India training courses comes with numerous benefits, the most important one being the generation of skilled labour throughout the country. Youth in the country can develop applied technical skills in various sectors, enabling them to access better-paying jobs and experience a better living standard.

More number of skilled labourers means a greater boost to the economy. By focusing on skill development in India with proper development at the grassroots level, each sector can develop at an equal pace leading to an economy’s overall development.

Eligible individuals can complete skill India registration from the official NSDC India website by entering their credentials such as name, date of birth, and educational details.

Individuals benefiting from Skill India jobs can then use these skills to boost their economic status. They can opt to start a venture of their own, benefitting from the PMRY scheme, becoming an entrepreneur.

However, they will need sizable funds for such undertakings, which can be obtained from high-value funding options such as a loan against property.

Various enlistments under the skill India training courses include:

  • Management programs: Office practices and marketing management, etc.

  • Trainer training: Programs for accreditation and technology infusion, etc.

  • Entrepreneurship development: CRR, Women empowerment, etc.

  • Skill development: Fashion designing, electroplating, carpentry, etc.

  • Other skills: MSME lending strategies, Micro-enterprise promotion, etc.

Eligible individuals can thus choose from any one of these courses as per their qualification and expertise, and proceed to apply.

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