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What are Skill Development Courses in India?

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The Skill India initiative, introduced by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India aims to up-skill the country’s 10 million youth.

To achieve the same, several skill development courses were launched under the scheme, which include –

  1. Management Development Programmes.

  2. Financing and Management.

  3. Orientation Programme designed for industry official and commerce department.

  4. Risk Management.

  5. Skill Development Programme for entrepreneurs or ESDPs.

  6. Training of Trainers Programmes.

  7. Technology Infusion and Skill Development Programme.

  8. TOT in ESDP directed towards Fashion Designing.

  9. Assessment of SHGs directed at the Promotion of Micro Enterprises.

  10. Project Preparation Skills for the Micro-Enterprises with the help of SHGs.

The courses under skill development in India follows a unique methodology that includes games, group discussions, practical experiences, case studies, frequent brainstorming sessions, etc.

Besides these courses, under the national mission for skill development in India, several schemes like UDAAN, Skill Development for Minorities, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Green Skill Development Programme, etc. have been launched.

One must note that to become a beneficiary of any of these skill development courses, one needs to meet stringent eligibility criteria and associated requirements. Also, the transition of putting the training into practice proves expensive for those who intend to invest in a start-up. To resolve all these issues, individuals may consider availing a loan against property alongside availing quality training and fund start-up-related expenses with the sanctioned loan value.

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