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How Much Should a Bridal Makeup Artist Cost?

· Bridal Makeup

It is always a wise idea to look for a professional bridal makeup artist when getting ready for the big day. While the costs involved vary with the artists, they are typically based on the available makeup option. Brides can thus choose from airbrush makeup or the traditional technique, each with different costs.

The average bridal makeup cost can vary depending on the location, season, and hairstyling preferences. Some popular bridal makeup packages include hairstyling and outfit draping, along with the makeup. Average traditional makeup can cost around Rs.10,000 in most cities throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the premium option of airbrush touch-up can cost Rs.15,000 on an average. While some artists include trials in the routine, some may charge extra for this service. Usually, bridal makeup can cost up to Rs.20,000 depending on the location and makeup style.

There are several possible add-ons which can cause a further rise in the price of bridal makeup. Thus, a wedding planning checklist should include the following scenarios as well:

  • Certain makeup styles such as hair extensions and eyelashes are often chargeable extra.

  • Against an extra charge, bridal makeup artists will stay throughout the wedding for makeup touch-ups.

  • Makeup artists can also charge conveyance to the wedding locations, especially for outstation and destination weddings.

  • Makeup for bridesmaids and family members is chargeable extra, with the costs reaching as much as Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per person.

With additional expenses during weddings, hiring an expert does not have to be outside the budget. One can opt for a loan against property from financial institutions, ensuring that they can opt for the style of their choice alongside other desired bookings that remain high-end to perfect the hosting of this big day celebration.

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