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What are Top 5 Colleges In The World?

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Opting for the top college is everyone’s dream and objective to secure a worthy career and beat the competition. Even after shortlisting, it is a hectic task to narrow it down to one specific college.

To choose one of the best American universities and pursue an undergraduate degree, go through the list of top colleges in the world and choose that best suits to you.

Some of the Best Colleges

Among top universities in USA, here are a few options for you:

  • Harvard University: A renowned university, Harvard is known for excellence worldwide. They have produced 32 heads of states, 49 Nobel Prize winners and many more.

  • Columbia University: Being the 5th oldest university, this colonial college holds historical value. America’s first MD had graduated from this very school and ever since then, they have been producing with many more intellectuals.

  • Yale University: Known as one of the major research universities, this school has a lot to offer. It is primarily known for their extraordinary research centres and other accomplishments.

  • Stanford University: Their research resources, brilliant facilities and well-equipped laboratories are the main reasons why this university has been termed as a top choice.

  • University of Chicago: This University provides excellent facilities for science. However, they also focus on subjects like humanities and social studies.

Pursuing a degree from any of these top universities in the world is indeed a lifetime achievement.

You can opt for additional funding from financial institutions to fund the tuition fees, hostel fees, and other expenses. In such cases, you can avail a loan against property to reduce stress. Ensure that no matter what it is; do not compromise with the choice of college for your undergraduate degree.

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